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Ernemann Zeiss Ikon | Tropen Klapp Camera | Other | 9 X 12cm Plate

GERMAN HAND CAMERA. 1920 to 1930. A 9 x 12cm strut folding camera, the Tropen Klapp is a camera intended for use in the tropics, with no expense spared in manufacture, materials, or design. Made as an Ernemann camera up to 1926 when an amalgamation with Zeiss-Ikon led to the production of dual labelled cameras like this one, with 'Ernemann' on the shutter control knob and 'Zeiss-Ikon' on the viewfinder. Serial No: 1131640. This camera came to me as a scrap camera and has been dismantled ready for restoration when time permits. It is a serious camera in collecting circles, if I can ever get it back together.

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