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Rouch, W.W. | Patent Portable Camera | English | Whole Plate

ENGLISH HYBRID FIELD CAMERA. 1880-1885. Patented 1878, produced from 1879 onwards. This looks like one of the first models as it does not have the swing back, which appeared on later models, so I date it to 1880-1885. The tilting back specified in the patent is available by adjusting the angle between the back and the baseboard. A separate focusing bar was specified, and this is usually missing when these cameras turn up. From left to right the pictures show
1. the camera as it arrived, with non-original, inappropriate lens and mount
2. Focusing bar made, using pictures supplied by a good friend and photographic historian, as reference
3. Focusing bar and appropriate lens fitted, camera completed.

Extra photographs, where available: Click on thumbnail to open in a new page.