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TAILBOARD FIELD CAMERA. c1887. Wratten and Wainwright are shown in the London trade directories as 'Apparatus Makers' between 1887 and 1896, but they also retailed cameras by other makers, with their own and/or the makers's label attached. This one is believed to be 'The Improved Folding Tail Model' patented 1886, so probably built 1887, possibly by W. Morley for Wratten and Wright to retail, but more likely to have been an in-house project as Morley is not credited. But again, this didn't always happen either, which makes life difficult for researchers. Anyway, it has a W+W badge, so it is a W+W camera for my purposes. It is a single lens, cross front, stereo model, and made of old rich red first-growth Cuban mahogany that took a thousand years to grow and will take another thousand years to grow back again, so you would be waiting a long time for another camera like this. If you could order one. Which you can't.

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