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Hulme, Samuel | Nameless | Tailboard | Half Plate

TAILBOARD FIELD CAMERA. C1885. Samuel Hulme started his business in 1830 at Dale End, moving to Exchange Building, New Street, Birmingham, c.1885-6. Channing and Dunn quote an undated reference to 'Samuel Hulme, successor to E.A. Hulme, at New Street, Birmingham', and go on to say '... all the material we have seen seems to point to both [E.A. Hulme and S. Hulme] being retail outlets... we can trace nothing which gives any clues as to what, if anything, they actually manufactured...'. Well, this camera is labelled 'Hulme, Manufacturer, Birmingham'. so it is possible that they were the actual makers, although caution is required, as many manufacturers and retailers at the time were rather liberal and prolix in their labelling. Anyway, I catalogue it as a Samuel Hulme camera, pending further information.

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