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BOX CAMERA | 1929-32| Rajar No. 6 Film. This very simple and totally unremarkable leatherette covered cardboard box-camera, labelled "Rajar No.6" on the embossed strap handle, is more rarely seen than the folding bakelite Rajar No.6 produced in 1929 as a premium gift camera. Both cameras took only the Rajar No.6 Roll film, to fit a square ended winding key, originated by Rajar Limited, a company re-formed from the Brooks-Watson Daylight Camera Co. Ltd. in 1904. The label inside reads: "Only Rajar Roll Films Stock No.6 Can be used in this Camera Obtainable from all Dealers or APEM Ltd St. Albans Road WATFORD HERTS." As APEM Ltd operated in Watford only from 1929 to 1932, this camera can't be earlier than 1929 and presumably was made concurrently with the folding bakelite version.

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