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ENGLISH TECHNICAL CAMERA | 1985 | 6 X 9cm ROLLFILM Labelled "W.Stacey, Camera Maker, The Gallery, 15, Churchway, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire", this camera was hand made by one man from start to finish, and is well too modern for my usual parameters. It has an associated letter (something you don't tend to get with 19thC. cameras), from William (Bill) Stacey to the original purchaser, dated 21st. June, 1985, advising him on the choice of lens, and offering as the standard new lens, a Schneider Xenar 150mm., which on this camera would have been a mild telephoto. I have fitted a 135mm Zeiss Tessar together with a Wista Roll-Film Back which I think would have been its original equipment. The camera is of a highly idiosyncratic design, for use only on a stand, using a series of vertical brass rods and a dual "monorail" as mounting points for all the movements you might expect on a technical camera capable of "Scheimpflug" work. I have seen one other previously, about twenty years ago at a camera fair in the North of England. It took 100 hours or one week, depending on which source you believe, to produce one camera. In the seven years to 1986 that Bill was working before he went blind, I calculate that he could not possibly have made more than about 300 cameras. I am in touch with his wife who has supplied me with enough material for an article for Photographica World.

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