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FOLDING CAMERA | 1905 | ROLL FILM At Victoria Bridge, Manchester, produced a range of "Victoria" cameras ranging from mahogany and brass with Thornton-Pickard shutters in 1889, through a range of box type cameras, to a series of this type of leather covered, drop baseboard wooden cameras, with nickel plated fittings, from 1905 on. This one appears to be a No.6. Victoria Folding Camera, though it is labelled only "The Victoria Camera". It uses what Woolley called "Rollable Film", and with a removable back to take plates, it has two separate focusing scales. Shutter/lens combinations were bought in, in this case from Bausch & Lomb, but later, German ones were also used, up to the first world war, in 1914, when supplies dried up and production of the Victoria cameras stopped.

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