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Micro Precision Products Ltd | Monorail Camera | Other | 5 X 4 inch Plate

MONORAIL CAMERA. 1965-82 Commonly known as MPP, founded 1943 at 145, London Road, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, this British Camera Maker moved to 48, Lydden Road, Wandsworth, London around 1963, then trading as MPP Photographic Products Ltd., and ceased production around 1982. So this all-metal monorail camera, first introduced in 1965, for plates, cut-film or adaptable to roll-film, is well out of my time frame, but is definitely one of those "interesting" cameras, by a British Maker, that I like to include in my collection. The engineering is superb, but at 14.5 lbs (6.5kg.), the weight is apalling for anything but studio use, on a heavy stand, although some photographers, more interested in quality than sanity, have been known to use them outdoors. Like most cameras of this type, it is fully modular and has interchangeable components, enabling various formats up to 10x8 inch. I would hate to try carrying that version around. Serial numbers run from M1200 to M2033, representing a total output of only 833; plus or minus 50 per year, or about one per week. Mine is M1815, dating it to somewhere in the 1970s.

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