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1887. Magazine Camera. Catalogue No. 0267. (Double entry, see also Fallowfield.). This is a rare camera. A disguised, magazine loading, mahogany box camera, originally called the Miall camera after its original inventor and maker, Frank Miall. Renamed the Fallowfield Facile when Fallowfield took over its marketing in 1887, it is probable, but not certain, that Miall continued to make these for Fallowfield: Fallowfield were not known to have any manufacturing capacity, but are known as retailers, and Channing and Dunn found no indication that they manufactured any cameras they sold. So I have attributed this camera to Miall in my catalogue of makers. An 1888 Facile, wrapped as a parcel in brown paper, was used as a "candid camera" by the photographer Paul Martin to produce some famous street photographs in the 1890s. (Paul Martin: "Victorian Snapshots", London Country Life Ltd., 1939.).

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