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FIELD CAMERA | 1900 Established as wholesale chemists after the dissolution in 1888 of the firm of Samuel Roberts and F.Sykes, chemists, May, Roberts & Co., 9 & 11, Clerkenwell Green, London, sold cameras under the "Sandringham" label in the early 1900s. A version of "The Sandringham" with no illustration appears in McKeown attributed to May, Roberts & Co. I have seen pictures of several different designs of field camera, varying in quality of construction, all with the Sandringham label. This high quality one (Pat. No 23516) fitted with an R&J Beck 7.2in. Anastigmat lens in Beck Celverex shutter, is notable for triple extension, a front fork with channel-section uprights fabricated from sheet brass, and a separate half-rack to move the back forward for wide-angle and fine focusing use. It is not known whether May, Roberts & Co. manufactured cameras, or bought them in to sell on, because although they gave preference in their advertising to cameras with their own "Sandringham" trade mark, they also catalogued a large variety of photographic apparatus by other makers.

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