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SPECIAL FILM | 1934-5 A very miniature, cheap, rather nasty and very short-lived metal sub-miniature camera, made for only one year (1934-5) in Britain, to produce eight 20mm square negatives on special size roll film. Measuring 2in. x 1&1/4in. and looking like something appropriate for a fairground prize or a Christmas Cracker, it was probably produced in an attempt to ride on the back of the "miniature camera" craze, started by the new-fangled Leica and Contax 35mm cameras, then called "Miniature" or "Candid" cameras", which were very desirable but quite unaffordable to the average working person at that time. The Ulca is certainly not wood and brass and is well outside of my dates, but is included because my collection is basically about named British Makers and Ulca Camera Co. Ltd. just scrape in as one such; registered in Britain, although the camera was also made a little earlier in the USA and on the Continent. Nothing much to be said for the poor little thing except that I have never seen another and I believe that owing to its short production period here, it is quite rarely seen.

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