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Husbands, H | Husband's Tourist Set | English | Half Plate

ENGLISH FIELD CAMERA | 1886 Henry Husbands, established as Opticians about 1856 and advertising cameras as H. Husbands from 1881 to 1894, and as H. Husbands and Sons from 1895 to 1906. This camera's label, simply "Husbands, 8, St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol.", does not help in dating, but it is known that this camera was advertised in 1886 and that is where I have placed it. Channing and Dunn cite a reference to "Cameras made on the premises", so Husbands were not simply retailers, like some who claimed to be manufacturers. Made to an improved "George Hare 1882 patent" design, joints hand-dovetailed, fork uprights held by long bolts to the baseboard slide-clamps, double extension, with rise and cross, but no tilt or swing front, it was possibly looking a bit outdated by 1886.

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