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FIELD CAMERA | 1916? As often happens in collecting Wood and Brass cameras, we have a Retailer, (in this case Tudor Trent Hora), who was concurrently for some of his career, also a Camera Maker. The firm were retailing tailboard cameras under their own "Fairfield" trade mark, from about 1898, but it is not known when the "Making" part of the business happened. The camera is labelled "Tudor T. Hora & Co., 346, York Road, Wandsworth, London.". They moved to this address in 1906. There is a reference in Channing and Dunn's "British Camera Makers", to a British Journal Photographic Almanac (BJPA) review of 1916 saying "cameras.....are now [sic] made by them". So much information makes dating this camera very difficult, some time between 1906 and 1916 seems right, but I have put it at 1916, as the BJPA 1916 review gives the earliest concrete evidence I have that they were then making their own cameras and the relative sophistication of this teak-built, triple extension camera, with all movements, and sprung struts, suggests the later rather than the earlier date.

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