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1903-1905. A triple-extension camera, with rack and pinion to double extension and a pull out frame for triple. The Busch Camera Co. of 35, Charles Street, Hatton Garden, London, was a British branch of Emil Busch, of Rathenow in Eastern Germany, set up to handle cameras, while Busch lenses were handled by a parallel company, Henry F. Purser. They imported and sold cameras by Krugener et al., with Busch lenses, but they produced British brass and mahogany field cameras as "The Busch Camera Co." from 1903 until 1905, when they were incorporated into the Emil Busch Optical Co. They are not noted in Channing & Dunn, but have an entry in McKeown. The trade mark "Tribees" was a generic name they used for various hand cameras, field cameras, box cameras and magazine cameras, much in the same way that Thornton-Pickard used the "Ruby" trade mark for cameras in a number of different styles. The camera came to me looking as though it had been kept up a chimney.

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