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1891-96 | 5 x 7.5 plate. This very unusual "reverse tailboard" design, with joints both dovetailed and screwed, in the "tropical" fashion, is a cross between a Tailboard and a front-focusing English style camera. It looks like a conventional Tailboard design, but it is the rear standard that is fixed, and a "George Hare" style front standard can be fixed to a "frontboard" and focused by rack-and-pinion. The "frontboard" folds up to cover the lens panel after the lens is removed. Naylors seem to have been a long-term father-to-son family business, advertising from various addresses, and with variations on the name Naylor, (- T.C. Naylor, T. Naylor, T.Naylor & Sons, T. Naylor & Co. Ltd.-), from 1890 through to 1911, but the label on this camera, "T.Naylor, Manufacturer, 13, Greek Street, Soho Sq., London, WC." can refer only to the years between 1891 and 1896, when one T.Naylor was working at that address, and under that name. Made during that five-year period, this is a rare camera. Channing & Dunn, in "British Camera Makers", say they know of only one other named Naylor camera, (a whole-plate field camera). That too has a Naylor's label which includes the word "Manufacturer." I have never seen nor heard of another Naylor camera.

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