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Tyler and England Brothers | TEB No 0 | English | Quarter Plate

ENGLISH FIELD CAMERA | 1900. An offer I couldn't refuse from my friend David Gardner, editor of the PCCGB newsletter, "Tailboard", this is my second one of these cameras, by Tyler and England Brothers, Copenhagen Street, King's Cross, London, N. Founded in 1897, they advertised as "camera manufacturers", but it is not clear how many cameras they actually made, although they sold cameras under their own name with the "TEB" trade mark. They also used the "Kay Cee" and "KC" trade marks, indicating their King's Cross address. Like the other TEB No. 0 in my collection, this one appears to have been made to a low price, rather than a high standard - "entry level" was a concept familiar to the Victorians and Edwardians - but it has an unusual rotary shutter that was probably quite an expensive item originally.

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