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Cusworth, C. | Camera Back only | Other | Whole Plate

1888-1894. It is possible that either there were two C. Cusworths, or one operating from two addresses, one at 20, Bridgewater Square, London, and one in business at Eagle House, Hainault Road, Leytonstone, London. Both addresses are in use only for the six years between 1888 and 1894. Cameras from this (or these) makers are rarely seen and until I can collect one of their cameras, I have settled for collecting the back from one, badged (and with this punctuation): THE "CLUB" CAMERA CUSWORTH'S PATENT PHOTO STORES 43 CHARTERHOUSE SQARE LONDON. Is it a Maker's or a Retailer's label? This third address makes a retailer's label seem more probable. One C.Cusworth was awarded a patent for a field camera, in 1887, (BP 4710/1887), examples of which are known, so I live in hope of finding one some day. Meanwhile, I am happy to have the back and the badge from one.

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