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Elliott, E. | 3 x VP Twin | Other | 127 Film

SIMPLE PLASTIC CAMERA | 1930S. This plain version of the VP Twin, a very simple bakelite camera to take 16 exposures on 127 film, was initially made in the late 1930s by E. Elliott Ltd. in Birmingham, in black, red, green, brown and blue. Here catalogued together, we have the common black version, the rarer brown version and the even rarer dark green (almost black) version. I have no intention of trying to collect one of every colour, though it could happen; collectors are like that. A point of no interest to anyone but a collector is that the brown one and the green one have the shutter behind the lens and the black one has the lens behind the shutter. In the 1950s, a modified version with a white faceplate was introduced, probably assembled by K.G.Corfield, see Catalogue No. 0293. As nothing in British 1930s Woolworth's stores cost more than sixpence per item, the camera's back, front and shutter could be bought separately, at sixpence each. For more on this little camera, see David Gardner's article at: http://www.gbcameras.org.uk/VP%20Twin/Company%20History.htm

Extra photographs, where available: Click on thumbnail to open in a new page.