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BAKELITE CAMERA | 1950-56. The Wembley Sports camera is named for Truvox's address at Wembley, London, and is almost identical with the Arti-Six camera that Truvox produced for Artima Export Ltd., (q.v.). It was produced and marketed under the Truvox name, and it appears that at the end of the production run of Arti-Six cameras, from 1948-50, Truvox continued from 1950 to 1956 with the Wembley Sports, using moulds and tooling left over from producing the Arti-Six. Both cameras have three shutter speeds and three aperture settings, but the Wembley Sports has a slower lens at f/11 than the Arti-Six at f/9, (not that it matters much with cameras at this level), but it does allow the Wembley Sports to use conventional apertures of f/11, f/16 and f/22 as against the weird f/9, f/121/2 and f/18 of the Arti-Six.

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