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FOLDING CAMERA | SPECIAL FILM. Coronet Camera Co., 310, Summer Lane, Birmingham, trading as Coronet Ltd. from November 1933 onwards, were a prolific producer of low-end cameras for the bottom end of the amateur market, so they are whatever the opposite of "rare" may be. That being the case, and since as a British Camera Maker they had to be included in my collection, I decided to include a camera that is among the rarest of their 50+ camera models, their 1936 "Vogue" model. Although folding cameras were fashionable in the 1930s, this one, promoted as a ladies' camera, was an oddity: tiny, brown, bakelite, streamlined, horizontal-folding, and self-erecting, with a spring-out front, it never sold well, maybe because men wouldn't buy it, maybe because it ticked too many strange design boxes, or maybe because its dedicated "Vogue 35" film, giving only six 30x50mm negatives per roll, might have been too hard to find; Ilford did make film specially for it, but I can't imagine it could have been very profitable for them, or that the film would have been heavily stocked by many retailers. It may have been risky for the "Vogue" to be more innovative than the rest of the market, but Coronet's more conventional cameras sold well and Coronet Ltd. survived until the 1960s.

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