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Maw of London | Nustyle No. 2 | Other | 120 Film

BLACK BOX CAMERA | 1930s. Maw of London is a known British camera maker, not mentioned by Channing & Dunn, ("British Camera Makers"), but has an entry on the web site: http://collectiblend.com/Cameras/Maw-of-London/ and there is a brief entry in McKeown's "Cameras", p.654: "Maw of London: Nustyle De Luxe Fashion Model: Metal Box Camera, not quite as DeLuxe as the name might imply, $12-20.". So it seems I have collected a Nustyle camera somewhat less De Luxe than the De Luxe model that McKeown says is not very De Luxe, and it is truly awful. I have found no other information on either the firm or the camera.

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