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Dollonds | Owl No. 2 | Other | 120 Film

1927. Established in 1750 as George Dollond, the firm made telescopes for Nelson's navy. They were advertising and making cameras as Dollond & Co. in the 1890s, but in 1927 the firm split into two branches, "Dollond & Aitcheson" and "Dollonds", the latter branch retailing cameras under its own name. The camera shown here is a generic folder of unknown parentage; with its Vario shutter made by the German firm Gauthier, it is marked as covered by British, US and German patents. A sticker inside the back cover recommends Ensign 21/4 B film, so Ensign (Houghtons) may have been involved in some way. It is probably a re-badged German import, but the black leather covering of the back is embossed with "Dollond London Owl No.2.", so I believe it must have been commissioned by Dollonds to be badged at the manufacturing stage, and I am cataloguing it under "Dollonds" as maker.

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