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1860s. This light-trapped plate storage box (in poor condition, but try and find another), is for glass half-plates or negatives, and is stamped Cubley and Preston, for a Sheffield firm manufacturing and selling photographic and scientific apparatus, including cameras, and trading in the 1860s to 1890s at 4, High Street, Sheffield, in premises previously occupied by Thomas Perry, Chemist. They ceased to exist as Cubley and Preston by 1896, but continued as Job Preston, at 56, Fargate, and from 1905 at 105, Barker's Pool, producing the "Serviceable" camera under the "Preston" label. From 1925, now as wholesale chemists and laboratory equipment specialists, they were a large business in purpose-built extensive premises, at 208, West Street, where their logo can still be seen in decorative brickwork on the imposing building. Finally, in I think the 1980s, by which time the business was in decline, they were at a much reduced premises on Hoyle Street, as Prestons Chemists. This box will have to suffice as an example of their label until I can acquire one of their cameras, which are very rare.

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