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1950 | 35mm CASSETTE FILM. his camera, which may well have been the first real 35mm camera to be produced in Britain, was advertised and distributed by Jos. Barry Ltd., 115, Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, who invited trade enquiries. Skilled research by David Gardner, Editor of "Tailboard", the journal of the PCCGB, and who gave me this camera, has failed to find the actual maker. It is a properly specified 35mm camera, with a direct vision viewfinder, fixed focus f/11 lens, (10ft to infinity), two shutter speeds, (1/25, 1/75) and time, and an elementary frame counter. It is unusual in having a very dark chocolate brown finish. It was advertised in 1950 at £3 18s 7d, including tax. A teacher's wage at the time was about £5 0s 0d.

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