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1900. Hobbies Ltd. was a company established by John Henry Skinner and Co. of East Dereham, Norfolk. Basically a timber company, Skinners found they could process mahogany from log to camera on their own premises, and they made cameras under their own name, largely between 1889-1895. Their main business however turned to sales and promotion of anything to do with fretwork; in 1895 they began publication of a journal. "Hobbies Weekly", to promote interest in all things fretwork related, and in 1887 they formed a separate company, Hobbies Ltd. Although still mainly concerned with promoting sales of fretwork plans, tools and accessories, this company developed several branches offering also more general hobby interests, and the Birmingham branch was producing cameras in the 1900s, according to Kelly's trade directories of the period. This quite simple, single extension camera, labelled "Hobbies Ltd.", is probably one of them. They are not frequently found.

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