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  Catalogue No Model Maker Type Format
0147 Folding Filma Thornton-Pickard Other Other
0007 Imperial Double Extension Thornton-Pickard English Half Plate
0138 Imperial Double Extension Thornton-Pickard English Whole Plate
0058 Imperial Perfecta Thornton-Pickard English Half Plate
0158 Imperial Perfecta Thornton-Pickard English Postcard
0215 Imperial Pocket Camera No. 0 Thornton-Pickard Other Quarter Plate
0145 Imperial Pocket No.2 Thornton-Pickard Other Quarter Plate
0170 Imperial Portrait Camera Thornton-Pickard Other 120 Film
0220 Imperial Rollfilm Camera Thornton-Pickard Other Other
0026 Imperial Triple Extension Thornton-Pickard English Quarter Plate

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