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  Catalogue No Model Maker Type Format
0093 Nameless Dallmeyer, J.H. Tailboard Small Square Format Plate
0004 Chambre Carree Demaria, J Tailboard Whole Plate
0051 Nameless Fallowfield, Jonathon Tailboard Half Plate
0204 Improved Pattern Tailboard Farrow, Ebenezer H. Tailboard Half Plate
0137 Unnamed Gandolfi, Louis and Sons Tailboard Half Plate
0207 Unnamed Horne, Thornwaite and Wood Tailboard Half Plate
0157 No model name Houghton & Son, George Tailboard Half Plate
0082 Nameless Hulme, Samuel Tailboard Half Plate
0256 Unnamed Hunter and Sands Tailboard 5 X 4 inch Plate
0063 Instantograph Lancaster, J and Son Tailboard Quarter Plate

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