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BAKELITE CAMERA | 1948-50. Commissioned, advertised and marketed by Artima Export Ltd., 121, Charlotte Street, London, W.1., this simple but fairly rare Arti-Six camera was made (probably only for export and premium sales), by Truvox Ltd., Exhibition Grounds, Wembley, Middlesex. This firm pioneered plastic extrusions during WW2 and through the 1950s, with items such as gramophone pick-ups and loudspeaker housings, as well as this brief venture into simple moulded cameras, which from 1950 to 1956 included the Wembley Sports Camera, (q.v.) a product very similar to the Arti-Six and possibly using some of the same moulds. The two cameras have different lens apertures, but little else is different, apart from the embossed names and the Wembley Sports lacking a strap-lug which is present on the Arti-Six. Neither is really "collectable", but they fit my "British Makers" parameter. Today I can find no trace of Artima Export Ltd., but Truvox is still in business as Truvox International, now an American-owned company producing floor cleaning machinery and products.

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