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FOLDING CAMERA | 1921> APM, APEM, APeM, APEM & APM Ltd., were all logos and trading names used in advertising, that were adopted at various times by versions of Amalgamated Photographic Manufacturers, between their formation, from the merging of seven different firms in 1921, and the change of their trading name to Soho Limited, in 1929. Throughout they were registered at Soho Square, London, W1. To add to the confusion in trying to date and identify this larger than usual camera, it has APM as a badge and APEM embossed on the strap. Channing and Dunn in "British Camera Makers" have made a serious attempt to elucidate the various complicated APM incarnations, but, at least in my case, they have failed. All I know about this camera is that it is big, for a folder, with a Kershaw Anastigmat f/6.3, F=6.5 in. lens, possibly a Kershaw camera re-badged after the merger; was probably made no earlier than 1921, no later than 1929, and takes postcard size negatives on what I believe is 122 film.

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