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Baird, A.H | Microscope Camera | Tailboard | Half Plate

1850s?. Andrew H. Baird was working, from an unknown starting date, at 15, Lothian Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, moving to 35-39 Lothian Street by 1895. (William Hume, (qv), was working at No.1, Lothian Street at the same time.). This dovetail-jointed microscope camera came to me fairly distressed and without a baseboard. Its label reads: "A.H. Baird, Scientific Instrument Maker, Edinburgh." The "lens" is a simple tube into which the microscope eyepiece can be inserted to project an image on the ground glass for focusing via sliding front and rear standards. The camera can take landscape format plate holders, possibly for dry collodion plates. A variety of commercial plates were available from the mid-1850s. (see: http://www.earlyphotography.co.uk/site/gloss7.html)

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